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Rainshadow has been working on Singapore's

first-ever climate changed-themed escape room meets

immersive theatre experience since July of 2021.

Unlike other escape room experiences, this one interweaves story and an thrilling environment to take gameplay to the next level. Upon a successful escape, players will swing into a museum-style Exhibit Room. They also have the option of returning later for workshops, where our partners will share their skills and expertise on subjects such as building financial emotional resilience in a time of climate uncertainty (PlayMoolah), sewing with sustainable textiles (Will and Well), and reducing waste using zero-waste packaging (The Sustainability Project). 

We are looking out for corporate sponsors who want to fight the good fight with us in this non-traditional, fun, and memorable way. If your values and green mission align with ours, please drop us a line.

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Thank you to our current partners:

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