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Rainshadow has been working on Singapore's

first-ever climate changed-themed escape room meets

immersive theatre experience: SCARCE CITY—an immersive, artistic experience that functions like a resource-
management game, with a twist. 
Part-art and part-climate-change-educationScarce City leverages the power of games and immersive theater to spark and sustain new perspectives on sustainability and climate change, encouraging the audience to reflect on how our narratives around short-term needs can limit seeing changes required for long-term sustainability.

After succeeding in game-play, players swing into a museum-style Exhibit Room, where the adrenaline from game-play makes way for knowledge and the quenching of curiosity. Any thirst that remains to engage more, to do more to tackle climate change, can happen in workshops, where our partners will share their skills and expertise on subjects such as building financial emotional resilience in a time of climate uncertainty (PlayMoolah), sewing with sustainable textiles (Will and Well), and reducing waste using zero-waste packaging (The Sustainability Project). 


In November 2021, at the Stamford Arts Centre, we produced a preliminary, data-gathering iteration of the concept, welcoming over seventy audience members from all walks of life—from families, to friends, to colleagues, and, finally, to funders interested in our work. 

As it becomes clearer that various players must work together to solve climate change, we are looking out for corporate sponsors whose values and green mission align with ours. Please drop us a line if this might be you.

Thank you to our current partners:

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