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The Nest

by acclaimed playwright Franz Xaver Kroetz

42 Waterloo St

August 11-21 2022

Like all expecting parents, Kurt and Martha want the best for their baby. But they are working class and a baby is costly. What happens when an innocent side job spirals out of control? How far will the new parents go to create their ideal home?


Directed by Yale-NUS Lecturer of Theatre Jonathan Vandenberg (Classic Stage Company's Oresteia, Mabou Mines' The Kingdom) and featuring Ethel Yap (Four Horse Road, Urinetown: The Musical) and Te Hao Boon (Cost of Caring, The Hawker), with design by Elizabeth Mak (project Salome, The Public's The Chinese Lady) and Johanna Pan (Snow in Midsummer, Recalling Mother), The Nest is a haunting parable on the tangled relationship between materialism, obedience, and ecological devastation. Written in 1974 Bavaria and locally set, this timeless play eerily resonates with the struggles of a modern family in Singapore.

Made possible by sponsorship from Endowus, Carbuyer, and Grain.


"this theme of absence illuminated the play—absence of will, of conscience, of agency. I was transfixed, unsettled, but ultimately hopeful that there were young collectives like this asking such hard and necessary questions."

Alfian Sa'at, Singapore playwright

"gets its audiences to think about how their own actions may have a ripple effect, and to open their eyes and change before it comes back to bite you."

Richard S, Singapore theatre critic, Bakchormeeboy




Te Hao Boon

Ethel Yap






Performance SM

Rehearsal SM

Wardrobe Coordinator


Assistant Director

Assistant Producer


Jonathan Vandenberg

Elizabeth Mak

Johanna Pan

Gloria Ang Xiao Teng

Tan Xin You

Patricia Gabriel

Glenna Ng

Thammika Songkaeo

Kyle Foo

Eugene Chow

Crispian Chan

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